Mapping Sustainable and Greentech Solutions for Enhancing Best Practices in Societal Carbon Footprint Reduction

1 day piloting session

The primary objective of organizing 1-day piloting session was to share the collated best practices and cultivate awareness about these critical issues across Europe and partner countries. The initiative also aimed to broaden the project’s reach, making more people aware of the climate threat we collectively face.

MVNGO and Osengo conducted the piloting session individually, while Afridat and LLD jointly organized the piloting session. All partners adhered to a well-structured agenda that ensured a comprehensive exploration of the subject matter. The agenda encompassed a project presentation, participant introductions, the presentation of collated best practices, engaging exercises, brainstorming sessions on green technological practices, and concluded with an open forum for questions, answers, and invaluable feedback.

MVNGO successfully conducted a 1-day online training session with 11 enthusiastic participants, including VET educators, trainers, learners, business owners, and social entrepreneurs. In parallel, LLD and Afridat joined forces to organize a dynamic online session, drawing 20 eager participants. Moreover, LLD also showcased the best practices collated in the Maple project in various youth exchange projects that were physically conducted in Germany. These projects attracted participants from different European countries and neighbouring nations, adding a rich international perspective to the discussion. In contrast, Osengo took a hands-on approach, conducting a physical pilot session with 14 participants to showcase practical best practices.

The culmination of this pilot session was marked by the receipt of valuable feedback from participants, which guided further improvements to the interactive tool, ensuring it became even more informative and user-friendly for our target audience. This initiative exemplifies the collective commitment to combatting climate change, raising awareness, and providing the necessary tools for positive change. Together, we aim to create a more sustainable and eco-conscious future for all.

Our pilot session was a resounding success, thanks to the enthusiastic participation and collaboration of MVNGO, Osengo, LLD, Afridat, and all the participants. We are committed to continuing our efforts to raise awareness about climate change, disseminate best practices, and empower VET institutions, trainers, business owners, and social entrepreneurs with the knowledge and tools to make a positive impact on our planet.


Some of the glimpses of our piloting session: