Mapping Sustainable and Greentech Solutions for Enhancing Best Practices in Societal Carbon Footprint Reduction

Empowering Society through
Sustainable and Greentech Solutions:
A Carbon Footprint Reduction

Discover innovative sustainable and greentech solutions to reduce carbon emissions and

enhance carbon footprint reduction. Join us in creating a greener future!


About Us

Project Maple aims to reinforce the commitment to achieving a net-zero society and increasing awareness of climate change. The concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has reached record levels in the last 150 years, causing an increase in global temperature. The United Nations IPCC has called for a stronger global response to climate change, warning of the terrible implications of global warming. The European Union has set a goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by 2030 and becoming climate neutral by 2050. The introduction and adoption of green technologies and sustainable solutions have resulted in a significant shift in the way businesses function throughout Europe.
Project Maple plans to consolidate on gains achieved by previously awarded Erasmus+ projects, such as Project SLATE and Project N-ZERO, which aim to develop and enhance social learning opportunities through low-carbon and green economy workshops, develop handbooks, raise awareness and advocacy of climate change issues, and promote green transportation. In this project, Project Maple plans to map out partner countries’ best practices on green tech and eco-friendly solutions and represent them on an e-blog.
The project also recognizes the need to involve young people, adults, small business owners, and workers of organizations across Europe in the transition to a green economy. Many initiatives have been implemented by governments around Europe, but a lack of attention and experience with these issues may cause Europe to miss out on the opportunity to reach the objective of attaining a carbon-neutral society. Therefore, Project Maple aims to raise awareness and provide solutions to help achieve the set objective of becoming climate neutral by 2050.


Sharing best practices amongst European countries & collating new trends available from the provider of sustainable and Greentech solutions across different regions of the participating countries.

To map out 10 green technological solutions per participating country that combat climate change through an open-source interactive blog. The platform shall provide insights for policymakers, academia, employers, training providers, and government on best practices available across EU partner countries in the project MAPLE.

Using the interactive blog to raise environmental awareness on green solutions across partner countries.

Target Groups

Project Meetings

Official Kick-off Meeting

The first Kick-off meeting of our project MAPLE (Mapping SustainAble and Greentech soLutions for enhancing best Practices in societal carbon footprint rEduction) took place on 22 December 2022.

2nd TPM and Best Practice Exchange Meeting

We recently held an 2nd TPM and Best Practice Exchange Meeting for the MAPLE project, where partners came together to discuss important aspects of the project. The meeting was productive and focused on tasks, deliverables, best practices, and project dissemination.

Project Final Meeting

The final meeting of our project MAPLE (Mapping SustainAble and Greentech soLutions for enhancing best Practices in societal carbon footprint rEduction) took place on 31 July 2023. During this meeting, we engaged in fruitful discussions regarding the feedback received from the Maple interactive e-blog’s piloting session, our dissemination activities, and the comprehensive final reporting.

Project Results

Demonstrating the interactive blog as an important & effective learning toolbox for VET learners/educators.

Organize a 1-day pilot session for 20 participants.

Latest Updates